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Community Urology Service (CUS)- Info for GP's

Benefits of the CUS for GP's and Patients- :

Benefits to GPs include:
• access to email advice and guidance provided by specialists within 2 working days of the request being sent
• Mr Waleed Al-Singary is open to taking GP calls on his mobile during working hours.  He can be contacted on  07910291081 or email
• GP direct access to ultrasound with turnaround times for referral to report of 10 days for routine referrals
• GP access to scan and plan from the CUS
• Receipt of a ‘discharge summary’ within 24 hours of the patient being seen and treated within the clinic.

Adherence to the pathways will ensure that all patients receive consistent care and where appropriate are managed in primary care. Should onward referral be indicated, benefits include:


  • Referral to treatment times of no more than 6 weeks


  • Access to specialist opinion closer to home


  • Appointments times to suit them (some clinics will be held at weekends). 




National tariff


LSUS tariff



Outpatient new






LSUS - Includes all necessary diagnostics but no procedures


Outpatient follow-up







Further Outpatient Follow Ups






No further payments required for additional follow ups


NHS Funded Services