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Community Urology Service (CUS)

Vasectomy- Information

Vasectomy is a popular and effective method of contraception. It involves the disconnection of the sperm duct (called the vas) to prevent the passage of sperms into the ejaculate.

All routine vasectomies are conducted using a ‘No Scalpel’ method (NSV) by the Local Specialist Urology Service. It is a local anaesthetic procedure and is carried out as a day care operation from a choice of locations in Sussex.

Vasectomies via GP Referral are conducted as NHS funded procedure with appointments arranged at a time suitable to you; you will require a little time off work. During the pre-operative consultation, a clinical examination will be carried out and the procedure will be explained to you in full. There will also be the opportunity to have any questions you may have answered. We will also discuss the aftercare requirements and test results which are needed to confirm the completion of operation.

If you wish to have a Vasectomy please discuss this with your GP who can refer to the CUS service.

A patient information leaflet can be downloaded from this link.


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