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Patients are advised that in booking an appointment they are reserving a Doctor or Nurse’s time exclusively for their Appointment. Bookings can only be made by calling 01273 430022 and secured by a credit or debit card.

By making a booking you are accepting the terms and conditions given below.

In order to cancel an appointment please call 01273 430022 and speak to a member of staff; please note cancellations cannot be accepted by email, fax, text message or any other means.

Cancellations are subject to the following notice periods:

Notice Periods for the Cancellation of booked appointments:


Appointment Type


Notice Required


Pre-booked – at least 25 hours in advance 24 hours notice required
Same day booking 4 hours notice

As the Doctor or Nurse will allocate their time specifically for your appointment, if the appointment is not attended and the following notice periods are not adhered to, a charge will be applied to your credit card as follows:

Charges will be applied under the following conditions:



Appointment Type


Cancellation Charge


Non attendance of appointment 50%
Late attendance of appointment (after 45 mins of booked appointment time) 50%
Cancellation of appointment on arrival – at Clinic 50%
Cancellation of Appointment on arrival – Home Visit 100%

Charges are made to the credit or debit card details given at the time of booking.

In the event that the card is declined you agree to honour an invoice for charges incurred due to missed or late cancellation.

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